We are a
surface transformation company.

It’s not a very “exciting” product on paper. But we really beg to differ. We turn worn down surfaces, old appliances, scratched up cars and boats and everyday home items into beautiful, enduring treasures.

We think preservation and protective coating technology is the future of keeping our businesses, work spaces and homes, all alive and thriving. We constantly tear down old buildings, total old cars and throw out the interiors of our homes. While there is a time for replacing the old, we think that everything from our motorcycle to our tables can be saved from the moment you bring them home. Preserve the new and the old. Plus, we all have that flip it project waiting in our garage. We want your DIY projects to become absolute masterpieces.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to transform the way you buy, sell and preserve everything in your life.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make surface protection, preservation and beauty a core principle in every industry.

Our Undrdogs

We are a team of underdogs. We have been fighting the industry for the perfect surface protection technology. We push it forward in using more than just our products. We are community focused with a worldwide vision. We want an honest industry that uses PREventative and PROactive products, tools and services to help you keep the things you worked hard for. Our team is dedicated to that cause. We work every day with customers and businesses to push that vision forward, change the way we manufacture, and inspire the way we build. 

Undrdog Surface Products LLC, Car Wash & Polish Equipment & Supplies, Little Elm, TX