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Undrdog Pro Network Gets You Free Leads

At Undrdog we want to provide an experience superior to anything else in the industry, and we're looking to gather all likeminded detailers in the Pro Network, so we can together make things happen.


Here’s all the good stuff


We run ads and generate free, actionable leads for you. They will be interested in Undrdog $699 Deal and you should feel free to discuss other services their vehicle might need.


Our goal is to set a new standard for the market: transparent pricing topped with the highest quality of service possible.


Get access to unique promotions for detailing professionals only, as well as access to our pro-only forum and knowledge base.


We will never dictate terms or limit your choices. You'll never be required to use only Undrdog products and we offer you an option to either participate in the $699 Deal or just be listed as an Installer.

Choose Between Two Options


Participate in the $699 Deal

Become a Participating Partner in the "Coating for $699", and get free hot leads from Undrdog directly to your email or phone.

The rules are:
Customer doesn’t provide any materials (coating or otherwise)
2. You have to use Undrdog Pro coating on the customer’s vehicle
3. You are agreeing to charge the customer exactly $699 for the service
4. You are permitted to try to upsell them on any extra services with fees you both agree on.
5. There are no fees or dues owed to Undrdog for upsold services.
6. You promise to uphold the best professional standards you are capable of.
7. You get listed on the official Installers Map with a special location pin.
8. You agree to perform “guarantee work” to maintain customer satisfaction - payable by Undrdog as stated above.


Be listed as Undrdog Installer

Get listed as an Undrdog installer (but not a Participating Partner) and get hot leads for free from Undrdog.

1. Get free leads only if there are no Participating Partners in customer’s area
2. Get listed on the official Undrdog Installers Map
3. You promise to uphold the best professional standards you are capable of.
4. You agree to use Undrdog products on the client's vehicle.

Join Them

Some of Our Partners:

How Does The Deal Work?

The $699 Deal

The deal is simple: we advertise to customers to get a coating on their vehicle for only $699 - backed up by a 30-day money guarantee in case they are not satisfied. The deal is active throughout the United States.

You as an Undrdog Partner Detailer agree to do the job for this amount and guarantee that you'll do your best. 

How will this campaign work?

We target and acquire the customer through our website. We explain them what the service entails and we and back it up by the Undrdog Guarantee (30-day money back). 

After filling in their information, we check if there are Participating Partners in their vicinity. If so, we show them all the detailers they can go to and we send their information over to you. The goal is to have the customer choose which ones would they prefer, but the cost stays the same. 

As soon as the customer has opted in to get the service, we send them to you as a free lead

*** Note *** 
The service advertised will strictly include:

Wash + Decontamination + Coating, nothing more and nothing less.

We will make sure to educate the customers prior to them arriving to the Participating Partner's location that paint correction and enhanced polishing is an extra benefit they can discuss getting with the Participating Partner as an extra service and at extra cost. So it will be up to you to try upsell them more services their vehicle might need.

Through our market research, we have found that such an approach would yield an upsell success rate of about 75%. 

About the Guarantee: 

If they are unhappy in any way with the service that was done, we do one of three things:

Send them back to you to get their concerns addressed - we will pay up to two hours of labor to cover this (a maximum of $100) - payable to you, the detailer.If they are so unsatisfied with where they originally got the service done, we will offer to send them to another Participating Partner, in an effort satisfy them. Undrdog will cover the fees up to $699 payable to the new shop performing the service. This must be completed within 30 days for Undrdog to reimburse the new detailer performing the service. The guarantee can only be redeemed within 30 days and can only be redeemed once.*** Note ***We will not guarantee any upsell services.If they are so unsatisfied and unwilling to do either of the above and/or there are no other Participating Partners within a reasonable distance, we will offer to reimburse them up to $349 within 7 days of receiving the service.

*** Note *** We sincerely hope to see this become a success, but we will reserve the right to change the Deal, the Price or the Guarantee at any time after the issue is corrected. Meaning, we won’t leave you hanging in a dispute but we might change things after the issue is resolved for future issues. 


Need clarification?

$699 Service

The $699 Deal includes a professional wash, paint decontamination and coating application with Undrdog Pro. Application of coating goes onto all paint and trimmings, but wheels, windshields and mirrors are left to your (detailer's) discretion to agree with the customer. 

The $699 covers vehicles and mid-sized SUVs. Large trucks and SUVs are priced at $899.

Pro Network

Yes, they really are 100% free. The only "catch" is that our Partner Detailers (the ones participating in the $699 deal) are going to get them first and the Professional Installers will only get it if we don't have any Partner Detailers in the area. 

Absolutely! We don't and will never try to force anything on you. In case you change your mind, simply come back to this form and change the setting. Or let us know and we'll handle it for you.