We're all about freedom. 

Undrdog gives you 2 freedoms:

  1. Freedom FROM obstruction, requirements, lock-ins and unnecessary certifications.
  2. Freedom FOR growing your business, supporting your family and growing professionally the way you see fit.

Our Mision

Our aim reaches far beyond becoming America's go-to brand for car, boat and household detailing. We aim to speak the language of liberty and opportunity. We want to be loud and even obnoxious about it, if we have to.

On a tee, on a board, across the building wall. Whatever it takes. 

Our Vision

We envision a world where no detailer has to be bound by any lock-ins and unnecessary requirements and every end consumer to be able to protect their surfarces themselves, should they wish so. 

We are Undrdogs

We're more than a company with a list of customers we personalize our ads to.

We are a movement and have been fighting for a simplified, affordable and outperforming surface protection products since day 1. 

We don't push forward. We push over the line. 

We're Undrdogs. We're an idea. Ideas are uncrushable.