Car Cleaning Starter Kit

Your Complete Solution for Professional-Grade Clean

Unlock the secret to professional car care with our Car Cleaning Starter Kit. Designed for enthusiasts and detailers alike, this kit includes everything needed to clean, decontaminate, and enhance your vehicle's appearance with ease.

Kit Includes:
• Undrdog Soap (16oz): The foundation of any good clean, perfect for removing wax, grease, and general grime.
• Window Warsh (16oz): Achieve crystal-clear windows without streaks or spots.
• The Purps (16oz): Expertly decontaminates paint and wheels, preparing surfaces for protection and shine.
• Quick Detail (16oz): Adds instant gloss, slickness, and hydrophobicity, finishing your car with a showroom shine.

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Car Cleaning Starter Kit

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Main Features of Car Cleaning Starter Kit

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The Important Stuff

The Car Cleaning Starter Kit from Undrdog is the ultimate collection of detailing essentials, curated to ensure your vehicle not only shines but is also protected from the elements. Whether you're a dedicated enthusiast or a professional detailer, this kit simplifies the car care process while delivering unmatched results.

Start with Undrdog Soap to thoroughly cleanse your vehicle, stripping away unwanted wax and grease without harming the paint. Follow with Window Warsh for perfectly clear glass surfaces. The Purps comes next, removing embedded contaminants from your paint and wheels, setting the stage for the final touch. Quick Detail not only enhances the gloss and slickness of your finish but also introduces a layer of hydrophobic protection, making future cleaning sessions even easier.

This Car Cleaning Starter Kit is not just a set of products; it's a comprehensive approach to vehicle maintenance, ensuring every inch of your car reflects your passion for perfection.

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