regular detailign matters

The Benefits of Regular Detailing and How It Enhances Ceramic Coating Performance

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep the coating performing at its best. This comprehensive guide explores the benefits of regular detailing and how it enhances the performance of ceramic coating...

How does Undrdog Compare to X?

How does Undrdog Compare to X?

We get a lot of calls from detailers and car owners wanting to compare Undrdog to other companies. Normally, we take a neutral approach to answer these questions because we don’t ever want to bash ...

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pro vs diy car detailing

Professional or DIY Car Detailing

If you're considering the pros and cons of professional auto detailing services versus doing it yourself (DIY), it can be helpful to weigh the advantages and disadvantages to determine which approa...

Why choose Undrdog Pro over anyone else?

Why choose Undrdog Pro over anyone else?

So you made it to our website and you’re wondering, should I pull the trigger? More than likely its because you’re interested in one of our coatings- I can only assume you heard about us through th...

Pro vs DIYprofessionally detailed vintage car

The Art of Auto Detailing: A Guide to Professional Car Care with Undrdog

The art of auto detailing extends far beyond simple car washing, embracing a suite of services that maintain and enhance the vehicle's appearance and longevity.

car detailingheadlight restoration

Why Headlight Restoration Is Important And How To Do It Right

Ever glanced at your car and noticed your headlights aren't as crystal clear as they once were, but instead, they're clouded with a yellowish hue? This isn't just an aesthetic issue; it's a safety ...

car detailingcar wash vs detailing

The Big Difference Between Car Washing And Car Detailing

When it comes to keeping your vehicle in top condition, two common approaches come to mind: car washing and car detailing. While both practices aim to enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle, they d...

coatingclean boat

Boat Maintenance 101: How to Coat Your Boat and Protect Your Vessel

Wax? That's as outdated as a treasure map, matey. These days, it's all about protective coating. Unless you've been living under a barnacle-encrusted rock, you've likely heard of it. But knowing ab...

boat detailingspider poop on my boat

Boat Owners Beware: Spider and Bee Droppings Can Damage Your Hull

As a boat owner, keeping your vessel's hull in pristine condition is a top priority. However, there are some threats out there that can damage your boat's hull without you even realizing it. Spider...

boatcoating a boat- protective coating

Boat Polishing 101: How To Restore Your Vessel To Its Previous Glory

Ahoy sailor! In the last article, we covered the nitty gritty of boat detailing, which was just the first stage of our boat maintenance journey. If you want to keep your vessel in top shape, you ...