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Car Detailing Prices: Is Car Detailing Really Worth It?

How much is too much when it comes to car detail prices? We're here to show you why investing in car detailing can make all the difference - not only for looks but for resale value and more! Check ...
Beautiful Corvette on the street - car maintenance pays off
Car detailing

Get Your Ride Ready For Spring: Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

A comprehensive 10-step car maintenance checklist that will help your vehicle seamlessly transition from winter to the warmer months ensuring optimal performance and safety.
Shiny car in detail shop
Car detailing

To Hire A Professional Detailer Or Go The DIY Route

Should you hire a professional detailer to install a protective coating on your vehicle, or should you try to do it yourself? In this article, we discuss the four factors important for making this ...
Car coated in Undrdog Pro+ by Eric Maldonaldo - Undrdog Coating Professionals
Undrdog products

Product Spotlight: Undrdog Pro+

Undrdog Pro+ is the next-generation pro coating that provides durable environmental, chemical, and mechanical resistance along with supreme slickness, gloss, paint saturation, and hydrophobicity.
Car on a winter road, Winter car care, winter car maintenance

Essential Winter Car Care: Everything You Need To Know

13 simple winter car care tips to keep you and your passengers safe, protect your vehicle from unnecessary damage, and avoid expensive repairs!
Undrdog coatings - are ceramic coatings a scam
Undrdog products

Understanding Undrdog Coatings

Is it a Ceramic Coating? "Is Undrdog Pro a ceramic coating?" is one of the most common questions we get from people interested in trying our products.The short answer is: no.
Clean, streak-free windshield, undrdog window warsh, auto glass cleaner

How Undrdog Glass Cleaner Will Help You Get Streak-Free Windows Every Time

To achieve an optimal sparkly finish on your windows, you need a dedicated auto glass cleaner and high-quality microfiber towels. Here's how to make sure you avoid driving with cloudy, streaky gl...
Undrdog pro - protective car coating
Undrdog products

Undrdog Pro: Installation Tips & Tricks

Expert tips and tricks on how to get the best results when installing Undrdog Pro, a single-layer car coating designed to give your ride the best protection possible.
Detailer inspecting a customer's vehicle - protective coating warranties, car ceramic coating, professional ceramic coating, diy ceramic coating, disadvantages of ceramic coating, is ceramic coating worth it

Protective Coating Warranties: Friend or Foe

The detailing space is being flooded with new coatings every day. To gain consumers’ trust and grab a hold of the market, manufacturers are resorting to shady marketing tactics - bold claims and u...