The Purps: Iron & Rust Remover

Wheel and Paint Decontamination with Visual Flair

Discover the magic of The Purps, our revolutionary color-changing formula designed for unmatched iron and rust removal. This dual-action marvel not just visually entertains as it transitions from clear to vibrant purple but also signifies the powerful decontamination process at work. Ideal for both wheel cleaning and paint protection, The Purps offers a superior clean that preserves your vehicle’s integrity while adding a bit of spectacle to your maintenance routine.

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The Purps: Iron & Rust Remover


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Dissolves All Contaminants

Prevents Future Damage

Immediate Effect

Simple To Use

The Important Stuff

Introducing The Purps, more than just an iron, rust, and fallout remover – it's a statement in automotive care. Inspired by the legendary hues of euphoria, The Purps transforms the mundane task of decontamination into an engaging spectacle. As it reacts with iron deposits on your vehicle's surfaces, it transitions from a clear liquid to a deep purple hue, providing not just a visual treat but a clear indicator of its potent cleaning action.

This innovative formula is your ally in maintaining your vehicle's aesthetic and structural integrity. It's perfect for pre-coating prep or as part of your regular maintenance, acting as a liquid clay bar with the added bonus of visual feedback. Gentle on paint and metal yet unforgiving on rust and grime, The Purps ensures that your vehicle doesn’t just come out clean—it comes out Undrdog clean.

Elevate your car care routine with The Purps. Why opt for the ordinary when you can achieve cleanliness with performance and a spectacle? Experience the difference with every application and ensure your ride stands out, not just for its shine but for its spectacular cleanliness.

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