What is Undrdog QD+ good for?

QD+ works great as both a topper and a standalone coating. As a topper, QD+ adds another layer of protection and quickly gets your car looking fresh between major details by restoring shine & hydrophobicity. As a coating, QD+ is a grat option for detailing professionals that offer affordable wash & coat packages or different tiers of coating packages to their customers.

How Difficult Is It To Apply Undrdog QD+?

Compared to traditional “ceramic” coatings, Undrdog QD+ is super easy to install! Simply spray it onto your microfiber towel and the panel you wish to coat. Then lightly spread the product out like you would any coating and let it sit for 2-5 minutes to flash. Grab a fresh towel and buff off any residue to reveal a shiny, streak-free finish.

Note: QD+ is stackable for added protection!

How Long Does The Application Process Take?

QD+ installs very quickly, usually under 10-15 minutes.

Can I Use QD+ On Boats?

Yes, of course! Just make sure you apply a good amount of the product on the surface and let it flash before wiping away.

Can Undrdog QD+ Be Applied To The Interior?

Absolutely! Undrdog QD+ works well on all surfaces including leather, plastics, metal, and glass. The only thing you should stay away from are fabrics.

Can I Install Undrdog QD+ On Vinyl, Matte & Satin Finishes?

Yes, yes, and yes! Undrdog QD+ absorbs into vinyl and protects it from stains and fading. As for matte and satin paint finishes, it enriches them without making them glossy!

How Often Do I Have To Reapply Undrdog QD+?

Most users see around 12 months before needing to reapply, but this is completely dependent on the wear and tear that your vehicle experiences and how well you take care of it.

How Do I Maintain Undrdog QD+?

To get maximum performance and longevity, we suggest regular washes with our Soap and a soft wash mitt.

How Can I Remove Undrdog QD+?

A quick polish will remove the coating. From there you can reapply the coating or carry on with raw, boring paint.

How Does Undrdog QD+ Compare To Undrdog Quick Detail?

Undrdog Quick Detail and Undrdog QD+ are based on the same ingredients, but QD+ contains a higher percentage of active ingredients which makes it both more effective and more durable. This also means that QD+ has a thicker consistency so it can feel somewhat grabby when leveling. However, after the initial wipe, the product is easy to buff off and leaves no streaks behind.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Undrdog Pro+?

If stored in a cool, dry location, an unopened bottle of Undrdog Pro+ can last up to 2 years. An open bottle with the lid tightly closed lasts up to a year.

Do I Really Need To Wear Gloves And Proper Safety Gear?

Yes, when working with any chemical including ours you should wear gloves and respiratory wear. No two bodies are alike and it is better to be safe than sorry.