Discount Policy - Undrdog Coatings & Car Cleaning Liquids

Welcome to Undrdog, where we're all about freedom. We believe in providing our customers with the freedom to grow their business, support their family, and pursue their professional goals without unnecessary obstructions or certifications.

Our mission is to speak the language of liberty and opportunity, and we're not afraid to be loud and even obnoxious about it. We envision a world where no detailer is bound by lock-ins or requirements and every end consumer has the power to protect their surfaces themselves, if they choose to do so.

At Undrdog, we're not just a company - we're a movement. We've been fighting for simplified, affordable, and high-performance surface protection products since day one, and we're proud to be Undrdogs. So join us in pushing over the line, and enjoy our various discounts and promotions designed to help you achieve your goals.


Discounts are available to all customers who meet the eligibility criteria outlined in each promotion.

However, Detailer Series products do not qualify for any discounts whatsoever.

Types of Discounts

Undrdog runs two types of discounts:

  • Evergreen Program Discounts
  • Campaign Discounts

Evergreen Program Discounts

Program discounts are available as a part of one of our promotional programs. They are not limited in duration. Evergreen Program Discounts are:

Campaign discounts

Campaign discounts are available as a part of a campaign we sometimes run and they are limited in duration. Campaigns discounts include, but are not limited to:

  1. Percentage off: a percentage discount on the total order amount.
  2. Flat rate discount: a fixed dollar amount discount on the total order amount.
  3. Free shipping: free shipping for eligible orders.
  4. Buy one, get one free: a free product with the purchase of another product.

Examples of these campaigns are:

  • $499 Deal where we may offer 10 bottles of Undrdog Pro 30ml for only $499.
  • 2 for $40 where we may offer 2 bottles of liquid cleaner for $30.
  • Until OOS where we may offer a special discount until the product goes out of stock.


The duration of each discount promotion will be specified in the offer details.

Exclusions: Certain products or product categories may be excluded from discounts. This will be specified in the offer details. Products that will always be excluded from any discounts or promotions are Detailer Series products.


Discounts may be limited to one per customer, per order, or per promotion.


Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer, discount, or promotion unless explicitly stated in the offer details.

Returns and exchanges

If a customer returns an item purchased with a discount, the amount refunded will be the discounted price paid for the item. If a customer exchanges an item purchased with a discount for a different item, the discount will apply to the new item if it is eligible for the promotion.


We reserve the right to modify or cancel any discount promotion at any time without prior notice.


We reserve the right to prohibit any customer from participating in discount promotions if we suspect abuse of the discount policy.


If you have any questions about our discount policy or a specific promotion, please contact us at