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Product Spotlight: Quick Detail

Undrdog quick detail - hydrophobic detail spray, spray coating

Maintaining your car is important for many reasons. And we’re not talking just superficial reasons like aesthetics here.

Regular maintenance ensures safe driving, improves fuel efficiency, keeps the resale value of your car high, and prevents damage, saving you money in the long run.

The problem is that many people think that car maintenance is hard and expensive to perform.

But it doesn’t have to be.

What are Quick Detailers?

Quick detailers are spray solutions designed to make car maintenance more convenient. They save time and energy when a full-blown wash isn’t necessary.

They were introduced to the market in 1981 by Meguiar’s, with a product called "Trigger Wash". The name confused many consumers and was soon changed to Meguiar's Quik Detailer. Nowadays, almost every brand of car care products has a quick detailer in their lineup, including Undrdog.

These products effectively remove water spots, streaks, dust, & light contamination. At the same time, quick detailers enhance gloss and lubricate the surface to prevent swirl marks and scratches. This makes them perfect for adding a finishing touch to a freshly washed and detailed car.

How Long Do Quick Detailers Last?

The average lifespan of quick detailers ranges from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on the specific product and how well you take care of your vehicle.

The thing is, different products in this category have different longevity expectations because they’re made out of different ingredients.

Some quick detailers are traditional detail sprays, some are spray waxes & sealants, and others are waterless washes or drying aids.

Undrdog Quick Detail lasts multiple months depending on environmental conditions, driving habits & maintenance. To get the most out of it, keep your car in a garage and bucket-wash it every week with proper cleaning chemicals and tools.

Types of Quick Detailers

As we mentioned before, different types of products fall into the "Quick Detailer" category. All of them come in spray form and are designed for similar purposes, but they do differ in some important aspects.

Some quick detailers can be used on their own, while others perform well as toppers on coatings; some work to remove light contamination, while others can tackle dirtier surfaces; some aid in drying, while others act as lubricants when claying; some add an additional layer of protection, while others simply improve hydrophobicity & gloss.

One quick detailer product often falls into more than one category, as the categories aren’t strictly defined.

Let’s take a closer look at five categories of quick detailers available on the market.

Detail Spray

Traditional quick detailers are designed to clean lightly contaminated surfaces, add some slickness and enhance gloss. They offer very little protection and are not very durable, but they’re great for touching up your car when it’s not very dirty.

Spray Wax

Similarly to detail sprays, spray waxes keep your car looking fresh between washes. They can tackle small amounts of surface contamination and provide a “wet look” finish. Additionally, spray waxes offer some protective properties. Still, car wax in general is old technology, incomparable to paint protection on the market today.

Spray Sealant

Spray sealants are, like other types of products we talked about, quick & easy to use, eliminate surface contamination, and provide excellent hydrophobic & gloss properties. What makes spray sealants different is the level of protection they provide. These products, like our Quick Detail, are silicon-based, which means they can create a more durable barrier from the elements by bonding to the surface.

Waterless Wash

In terms of cleaning, waterless washes are a step up compared to other types of products in this category. They contain a higher concentration of cleaning and lubricating agents to remove dirt more effectively. However, if you’re working with a very dirty surface, a proper hand wash is irreplaceable - waterless washes may cause scratches and swirls.

Drying Aid

As their name suggests, drying aids are not designed to clean. They help speed up the manual drying process and prevent marring by providing lubrication to drying towels. On top of that, drying aids provide hydrophobicity add some extra shine and to a freshly washed car.

What are Quick Detailers Good For?


Quick detailers are designed to stretch the time between your car washes. They have the ability to remove things like fingerprints, smudges, streaks, spider webs, bird droppings, bugs, dust, and other minor imperfections from exteriors and interiors.


Topping your protective coating with a quick detailer will restore its shine and hydrophobicity. This is a great option when you’re in between major details, as you can get your car looking fresh in just 5-10 minutes. Depending on the type of quick detailer you use, it can also add another layer of protection to your car, elongating the life of your coating.


Most products in the “quick detailer” category can actually be used as drying aids, even if they’re not called that. This is because they add lubrication - which prevents marring and hydrophobicity - which prevents water spots, resulting in a streak-free finish.

How to Use Undrdog Quick Detail

What you need:

Step by step:

  1. Shake and mix Quick Detail very well. Make sure the surface you are applying the spray to is cool and in the shade.
  2. Mist Quick Detail onto one section at a time, keeping the sprayer about two feet from the surface. Quickly spread the product with a soft, clean terry cloth or microfiber towel. Aim for evenness and turn to a dry towel to wipe dry.
  3. Rotate between a damp cloth or a damp portion of the cloth for wiping/spreading immediately after each application spray, and continue to use the same dry towel for drying. Repeat the spray, wipe, and dry process until evenly coated.

For detailed instructions on product usage, check out this article. To get answers to frequently asked questions about Undrdog's Quick Detailer, check out this one.

When to Use Undrdog Quick Detail

After washing

Quick Detail is the best way to add some extra gloss, hydrophobicity, and protection to your clean car. You can apply it after drying with soft microfiber towels or use it as a drying aid. For the best results, apply Quick Detail month to month.

Between washes

When you’re on the go and want to give your ride a quick clean, or need to stretch the time between washes, Quick Detail comes in handy. This product is designed to simplify your busy life and fit nicely into your routine. Simply spray, buff, and go!

Between major details

If you’ve noticed that your multiyear protective coating isn’t performing optimally anymore, don’t panic. A neglected or "clogged" coating, appears as if it has failed. In reality, it hasn’t - it just needs some TLC. That’s where Quick Detail comes in. It will enhance the gloss, restore hydrophobics and increase the durability of your finish.

At an event or a show

We all want our cars squeaky clean and shiny when attending special events. This is especially true for those who participate in car shows. Quick Detail will easily and quickly remove any fingerprints, smudges & dust, and make your ride shine like a diamond!

Where to Use Undrdog Quick Detail

Quick Detail is super versatile. It works on everything from paint, gel coat, plastic, and metal, to fiberglass, and glass. You can use it on matte and satin finishes, or apply it to vinyl to seal it from stains and sun fade.

Thanks to superior dirt-dissolving and shine-boosting properties, Quick Detail is an excellent choice for interiors too. And it isn’t reserved only for vehicles and vessels. This product works wonders on household items as well! The only thing we advise you not to apply Quick Detail to are fabrics.

Why You Need Undrdog Quick Detail in Your Workshop and Tool Kit

Safe on all surfaces: From dirt bikes to cars, snowmobiles to boats, motorcycles to home décor items, QD will clean and protect it all!

Gloss and beading: QD’s proprietary formula creates an unmatched shine & hydrophobic protection that will leave your ride looking like new.

Simple use: No need to go through the hassle of washing your car! QD is designed for easy & quick use. It takes 5-10 minutes - just spray on, wipe off, and let dry!

Instant effect: QD is a super-concentrated, water-based spray that does its deep cleaning magic while you apply, leaving your surface looking top-notch.

To Sum Up

Car maintenance isn’t rocket science, but it can be time- and energy-consuming. With Quick Detail, it will become a breeze.

This no-fuss spray-and-wipe cleaner works on all surfaces, leaving a spot-free, streak-free finish and showroom shine in no time.

Believe us when we say, once you try it, you’ll never go back!

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