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Product Spotlight: Undrdog Pro+

Car coated in Undrdog Pro+ by Eric Maldonaldo - Undrdog Coating Professionals

Undrdog Pro+ is an evolution of our popular Undrdog Pro coating that provides durable environmental, chemical & mechanical resistance along with supreme slickness, gloss, paint saturation & hydrophobicity.

What Is Undrdog Pro+?

Undrdog Pro+ is our most durable protective coating for cars, specifically engineered for the experienced professional coating installer. It is part of the Detailer Series, a growing line of Undrdog products tailored to the needs of professional auto & marine detail shops.

Undrdog Pro+ - Next Generation Protective Coating

The Detailer Series lineup currently includes Undrdog Pro+, Undrdog Marine+, and QD+, but you can expect more pro-grade detailing products and business resources from Undrdog soon.

Undrdog Pro+ vs. Undrdog Pro

Both Undrdog Pro and Undrdog Pro+ are based on high-quality ingredients we are known for to create the trifecta of awesomeness: durability, performance, and value. However, when we were developing Undrdog Pro+, our aim was to create a product that is superior in every possible way. And we achieved our goal!

Undrdog Pro+ has an optimized chemical composition that allows it to form an even stronger molecular bond with painted and other automotive surfaces. Compared to Undrdog Pro, it's more durable, provides double the chemical and environmental resistance, boasts higher hydrophobicity, more gloss, extra paint saturation, and crazy slickness! 

Undrdog Pro+ Installation Process

However, the mean protective punch Undrdog Pro+ packs comes with a shorter flash time, which makes this product one that's best left to the pros. 

Compared to Undrdog Pro’s 7 - 10 minute work time, Undrdog Pro+ has a shorter flash time of 2-3 minutes.

This time frame leaves little room for mistakes. A poor application can lead to severe high spots and cosmetic issues to the vehicle paint, which can only be repaired through mechanical abrasion. This is why we strongly recommend that only seasoned installers and auto shops use Undrdog Pro+. If you’re a weekend warrior, we encourage you to reach out to us and see if your experience level is suitable for this product. For car enthusiasts, Undrdog Pro will be a better fit for you.

The Longevity Of Undrdog Pro+

Car coated in Undrdog Pro+
Cody Sanborn - Undrdog Coating Professionals​​

We know that coating longevity is something detailers often get asked about by their customers. Undrdog products aren’t labeled for a specific number of years, and Undrdog Pro+ is not an exception. We explained the reason behind this ideology in detail in our Understanding Undrdog Coatings article but to put it simply - it’s subjective to how the vehicle is cared for.

Different car owners take different care of their vehicles.

As you know, besides the product, prep, and application, the lifespan of coatings depends on maintenance. 

Since we don’t know your customers’ car maintenance routines, we can’t pinpoint the exact amount of time our coating will last for them and we don’t want to guesstimate. This prevents you from getting into an awkward situation in which you told a customer that their coating will last X number of years, but it ends up lasting less because they park outside next to sprinklers or a sappy tree and rarely wash their vehicle, or if they do wash frequently but in one of those filthy paint destroying drive-thru washes. You catch our drift

So although Undrdog Pro+ can handle much more mistreatment and wear & tear than our other coatings, that doesn’t mean it will perform optimally if neglected. 

Chevrolet coated in Undrdog Pro+
Justin Chevrette - Undrdog Coating Professionals​​

To adequately assess how long Undrdog Pro+ will last for a specific customer of yours, we suggest you ask about their maintenance routine and driving habits. Then determine in which of the following 3 broad categories of car owners they fall into and you’ll be able to set the right expectations about Undrdog Pro+’s longevity.

Car Enthusiast

Goes above and beyond in vehicle maintenance. Washes their car by hand weekly or bi-weekly and always makes sure to dry the surface when it gets wet. Stays away from harsh chemicals that weren’t designed for automotive use and purchases only the best microfiber towels. Drives carefully to prevent road debris from scratching their paint and removes any contaminants & water spots at first sight, with proper tools and techniques. For them, Undrdog Pro+ will last 8 to 10 years.

Average Joe

Takes decent care of their vehicle but doesn’t prioritize it. Rarely has the time or will to wash their car by hand. Usually takes it to a touchless car wash, and sometimes resorts to a drive-thru because it’s convenient and cheap. Pays little attention to potential paint damage when driving and isn’t in the habit of frequently removing contaminants like tree sap, dust, and salt from their vehicle. Occasionally visits the detailer to get their car spruced up. For them, Undrdog Pro+ will last 5 to 8 years.


Completely neglects their vehicle most of the time. We all know at least one person who is like this and, thankfully, they and their cars are easy to spot straight away. The fact that the indifferent car owner even took their ride to the detailer is a miracle. But unfortunately, it’s not likely that their car maintenance habits and driving behavior will magically change after a full paint correction and coating installation. Old habits die hard. Because of that, for them, Undrdog Pro+ will last 3 to 5 years. 

BMW coated in Undrdog Pro+
Perfect Touch Auto Detailing LLC - Undrdog Coating Professionals​​

So to conclude, with proper maintenance, Undrdog Pro+ can easily last 10 years. However, you can expect a reduction in longevity if the coating is neglected or maintained using improper aftercare methods.

How To Install Undrdog Pro+

The installation of Undrdog Pro+ is similar to that of Undrdog Probut because of the shorter flash time, it requires the skills, speed, and concentration only a professional can have.

What You Need


  1. Wash the vehicle - first the wheels, then the body using the 2-bucket method

  2. Decontaminate the vehicle - by using an iron & fallout remover like The Purps and/or by a clay bar treatment, depending on the condition of the paint

  3. Correct the paint - perform a 1-step or a 2-step paint correction to get the vehicle’s surface as smooth as possible

  4. Prep the surface - wipe with a body shop wax & grease remover or denatured alcohol using clean microfiber towels.

  5. Prime the applicator pad - drip 15-20 drops of Undrdog Pro+ onto the pad. Keep the pad damp by adding more product throughout the entire coating process to maintain an even coating.

  6. Start applying - apply Undrdog Pro+ evenly to one panel in a cross-hatch motion. We suggest starting at the roof and working your way to the hood and around the entire vehicle. 

  7. Complete as much as you can within a 2-3 minute time frame. Generally this is one panel at a time.

  8. Begin wiping - when the product flashes, start leveling. Use at least 3 towels for this process - one to wipe off the product, one to buff off any remaining residue, and one as a final wipe-down for a spotless finish. 

  9. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the entire vehicle has been coated and leveled. 

  10. Check for any residue and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Note: The installation process usually takes 45 - 90 minutes.

For more information about product installation, check out this article. To get answers to frequently asked questions about Undrdog Pro+, check out this one.

Undrdog Pro+ installation process

On Other Surfaces

Like Undrdog Coating and Undrdog Pro, Undrdog Pro+ works well on different paint finishes like matte or satin and protects all automotive surfaces including leather, plastics, metal, and glass. The only thing you should stay away from are fabrics.

On Plastics & Leather

Prime your pad and apply an even coat of Undrdog Pro+ to the plastics and leather. Once you achieve the desired finish, do not touch for 24 hours.

On Glass Surfaces

The installation process for automotive glass is the same as for paint, but do keep in mind that the coating lasts significantly less on glass than on other materials and in rare cases causes blade skipping.

On Wheels & Calipers

Prime your pad and apply an even coat of Undrdog Pro+ to the wheels and calipers. Once you achieve the desired finish, wait 2-3 minutes and remove with a microfiber towel.

Car coated in Undrdog Pro+
JM AutoPro Detailing & Coating - Undrdog Coating Professionals​​

Aftercare & Maintenance

Once you’re done applying Undrdog Pro+, give the product 4 hours to completely dry. Keep the vehicle in a moisture-free environment for 24 hours. Do not wash with detergents for 1 week. Once a full week is up, use a PH-balanced soap for striping the dirt & grime. Always dry the vehicle after it gets wet.

To get maximum performance and longevity, we recommend:

  • Regular car washes with Undrdog Soap and a soft wash mitt (weekly or bi-weekly).

  • Regular usage of Undrdog Quick Detail, a product that can add some slickness and hydrophobicity for those looking to get the most out of their coating (monthly or bimonthly).

Removing Undrdog Pro+

A polishing compound with a dual action polisher will remove the coating to expose the vehicle’s clear coat. From there you can reapply the product or carry on with raw, boring paint.

Car polishiing

Can Anyone Purchase Undrdog Pro+?

We strongly believe that everyone deserves to take good care of their car. That is why both our protective coatings & cleaning and maintenance supplies are designed to be super user-friendly and can be purchased by anyone. 

However, although it's not rocket science, the proper installation of Undrdog Pro+ requires a skilled technician with relevant detailing knowledge and extensive industry experience. A DIY car enthusiast might end up with a disaster on their hands. 

Car in Detail Shop, coated in Undrdog Pro+
All in the Details Auto Salon - Undrdog Coating Professionals​​

We don’t want that to happen to our customers, which is why we decided to reserve Undrdog Pro+ and other Detailer Series products for professionals only. Those who want to coat their rides themselves can still do so - and achieve amazing results - using Undrdog Pro. And who knows, maybe one day they go pro, open their own detailing business, and start installing Undrdog Pro+!

Unlike standard Undrdog products, Undrdog Pro+ and other parts of the Undrdog Detailer Series are not available to the general public.

How You Can Gain Access to Undrdog Pro+

Gaining access to Undrdog Pro+, other Detailer Series products, and business resources is a simple process. 

All you need to do is provide your business registration information and website and/or social media on the Undrdog website. This will help us verify that you own a detailing company and provide high-quality services to your customers. 

After submitting your information, you will soon receive an email granting you access to the Undrdog Detailer Series. And even while you wait for proper approval, you’ll be given pre-approval to purchase products and download free resources! 

Once you go through the approval process and become a registered Undrdog installer, you’re good for life! No need to renew your registration - ever.

BMW coated in Undrdog Pro
Moto Detailing - Undrdog Coating Professionals​​

Note: Detailers that have registered for the Undrdog Pro Network or have purchased Undrdog coatings before will automatically be granted access to Detailer Series products and resources.

Why You Need Undrdog Pro+ In Your Workshop And Toolkit

  • Formulated for Detail ShopsUndrdog Pro+ provides optimal performance & durability with a straightforward installation process to streamline your business.              
  • Improved Chemical Resistance: This coating can take a beating! It has double the protective properties of Undrdog Pro, making it the perfect option for your top-tier coating package. 
  • Superior Level Of Hydrophobicity: Undrdog coatings are known for great hydrophobic properties, but this one tops them all with millions of tight beads! 
  • More Gloss, Depth, And Slickness: Undrdog Pro+ makes automotive paint POP. We’re confident that it will wow your customers with insane, deep gloss and slickness. 

To Sum Up

Undrdog Pro+ is the next evolution of Undrdog Pro, an elite coating designed for professionals who want to provide next-level service to their customers.

This product is all you could ask for in a protective coating and more. It’s a single-layer solution that provides heavy-duty protection from environmental, chemical, and mechanical damage to all exterior and interior surfaces; produces a high-gloss mirror finish, exceptional slickness, and crazy hydrophobicity; and with proper maintenance, can perform for up to a decade! 

So if you are a detailing customer and see that your detailer is offering Undrdog Pro+, know that you’ll be getting the best of the best in terms of both product and service. 

And if you are a detailer, delight your customers with a five-star review coating. You both deserve it!

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