Why choose Undrdog Pro over anyone else?

Why choose Undrdog Pro over anyone else?

So you made it to our website and you’re wondering, should I pull the trigger? More than likely its because you’re interested in one of our coatings- I can only assume you heard about us through the grapevine, through an ad campaign, or even a potential customer and now you’ve got questions - and well... we have answers.

Why should I choose Undrdog Pro over any Coating in the industry? For some, it’s an easy question to answer. All you have to do is look at our reviews take a look on Facebook, jump in our social media group, see reviews from both car owners and detailers around the world and the answer will start to become quite clear. Let our users do the convincing.

We have some of the best customer service in the industry. We have reviews and testimonies that have shown multiple years of real world success from real time users and receivers. The proof is in the pudding you might say.

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If that’s not enough - Undrdog Pro was designed by a detailer with the detailer in mind. Pro is easy and quick to apply to with long lasting durability. I used to run a detail shop myself- so I understand the ins and outs of ceramic and protective coatings in our businesses. Back when I started, the norm was multi layer coatings that were tough to use and tough to obtain and required hours of time to install. Often times requiring thousands of dollars towards dog and pony show trainings to get access to even buy the product. I shit you not!! What we chose to do at Undrdog is create multiple levels of accessibility without all the red tape and hoops to jump thru. We have Glossenhancen and Pro for everyone and we have Pro Plus for the exclusive professional. But lets get back to Pro… since that is why you’re here. 

applying undrdog pro

We curbed the multi-layer, hard-to-use products of the past by changing solvents - maximizing the flash of Pro and minimizing the layering down to one layer make a highly efficient and highly effective product available to everybody. 

For those exclusive professionals, don’t worry - we still reserve professional access only products like Pro Plus. If you own a company and want to gain access to plus click here. If you want to find a local detailer to get Plus, click here.

Pulling a Jen Psaki and circling back around to usability - maximizing flash times allows for longer working time before leveling - which means that you can do more surface area before having to level the product making it way more efficient. This longer flash times allows us to reduce the amount of layering to one layer. The concept is simple the longer it sits, the more that stacks in the initial layer alleviating layering. You can literally get a car from start to finish in less than one hour. So whether you own a shop or you’re just a DIYer - this is a huge perk. Who wants to spend hours punishing their shoulders trying to level off coatings that cost an arm and a leg and made you fly all around the country to gain access or entry. 

Oh, and did we mention the price?

We are the home of the ten bottle special! We often run massive promotions on Undrdog Pro with our famous 10 bottle deal where you get 10 bottles of Pro for the cost of $499. If you don’t run a shop, this part doesn’t matter to you - you can still get a bottle of pro for $69 or even keep a close eye for our specials and get it for a better value, but if you do rent a shop, this bundle deal is huge. That’s basically 10 vehicles for a coating cost of just $499.

undrdog pro 10 bottle deal

I mean hell some professional-access-only coatings cost half that price for just one bottle. Not to mention all the hoops and ridiculousness they make you jump through, and sales guys you have to talk to... Who care nothing more than to just siphon as many dollars out of you as possible. 

Oh did I mention we have a moneyback guarantee, which is also huge?!

As far as we know, nobody offers that in the industry. We offer a double moneyback guarantee. If you don’t like the way Undrdog Pros installs, or looks, feels or just decide you hate the bottle - just let us know and we’d be happy to double your money back. We are so confident you’re gonna like our product that we’re willing to lose money to prove it to you.

We stand FIRM behind our products

Double Your Money Back Guarantee

At Undrdog, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unparalleled. We firmly believe in the superior performance and durability of our car and boat detailing chemicals, protective coatings, cleaners, decontaminators, and accessories. This belief is not just a promise; it's a guarantee .

So much so that we're offer a Double Your Money Back guarantee . If, for any reason, you find that our products do not meet your expectations or fail to deliver the results we promise, we don't just offer a refund; we double it.

No ifs, no buts, and no holds barred—your satisfaction is our top priority.

double your money back guarantee

That’s confidence that doesn’t require a team of salesmen to push a replacement for wax on you. And honestly, it just shows our willingness and want to make sure that you experience with us his top notch. We think that that’s what’s most important when conducting business. Not only do we have a great product, but I believe we have the best service in the industry. That’s because we are armed with an old school culture - back when people gave a shit about people.

Oh ya - and we have Sara!

Sara is our customer service queen. She’s a real person - not some AI bot. She has an amazing five star rating. She’s been with us for many years, our customers love her, and you will come to love her too when you become our customer. Whether it’s help with which product to choose, how to use it or have a problem solved in the middle of a coating she is Johnny-on-the-spot. 

Or rather Sara-on the spot. Most important her priority is a solution for you. 

I feel like we have tooted our horn and given you a thorough elevator pitch. If you have more questions, concerns, comments, compliments, complaints or just want to get something off your chest please reach out to us. One of us will respond to you and dedicate all the time needed to help you make the right choice with Undrdog Pro. 

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