Message from Undrdog

For the last 100 years, aliens have been trying to invade Earth. 

It’s not a coincidence that they always come on Independence Day. Each year on the 4th of July, an anomaly occurs in their star system. 

A planetary alignment creates a gravitational distortion that opens a wormhole, leading right to our planet. 

So far, they could never invade us successfully because the surface of their ships doesn’t do well with water. 

The moisture in our atmosphere causes their Quantum Flux & Levitron Field Generators to malfunction and crash their ships. 

That’s why Pentagon has more UFOs than wheels down there in Area 51. 

It’s weird, huh?

Flying saucers can go into warp and survive meteor showers, but pour some water on them and they’re done for. 

The elements were keeping us safe all this time… but not anymore. 

The aliens have recently learned about Undrdog, as the pinnacle of surface protection and hydrophobicity. And now they want it all. Badly. 

They want to protect the surface of their mothership, enter our atmosphere and conquer our planet.

If they get their pointy green fingers on Undrdog, we’re all doomed. 

That’s why our reserves are now hidden and well-guarded.

Undrdog can only be purchased through this secret link

We’re giving our goods away with a discount just to prevent them from obtaining them: 

Ten 30ml Undrdog Pro for $449

Ten 30ml Undrdog PRO+ for $649

We know you’re not someone who’s gonna let these green as***les just come into your country and take your liberty! 

That’s why I’m writing you this email. We need your help in protecting the planet. The wormhole closes on the 5th of July so we have to fight them off until then! 

P.S. These green bastards have some kind of technology that enables them to take people from their beds, houses, and cars. 

They can beam you or teleport you from anywhere, but we discovered something neat. 

If you Undrdog your surfaces, their teleportation technology won’t work. 

So spread the word and Undrdog the streets. 

Let’s show them that they’re messing with the wrong planet!