Undrdog $699 Coating Deal

Undrdog $699 Coating Deal

Undrdog Coating Provides

Multi-Year Protection

Starts with a premium wash and paint decontamination to remove all the dirt, grime and chemical contaminants that found their way into your paint through day to day driving. Then, we proceed to coating your vehicle with our flagship, multi-year protective coating, Undrdog Pro.

At the end, your car will look shiny and be protected for years to come.

Mud & Road Grime

Bird Droppings

Tree Sap

Acid Rain




We're currently only operating out of Frisco, TX and covering the DFW Metro area.

Check it Out

Use the slider to see how the car looks before and after the Undrdog $699 package.


Undrdog Coating Package

See what we do from start to finish and know that your vehicle is in good hands.

Professional Wash

We knock off all the dirt and grime through a professional wash using our own products: Undrdog Soap, The Purps and Window Warsh.

Paint Decontamination

We remove any iron and other chemical contaminants that have found their way into your car's paint.

Protective Coating

Finally, we'll coat and protect your vehicle with our flagship protective coating, Undrdog Pro. Your vehicle will be protected for years to come.

Why Should You Get it?

Undrdog Pro is a Trifecta of Awesomeness:


Protects your vehicle against the elements and incidents that occur through day to day driving like bird droppings, bug accumulation, acid rain. etc.


Undrdog Pro beads water and adds slick and gloss to your car's surfaces, while reducing the maintenance wash time to about 50%.


Undrdog Pro holds up its weight for years to come, given proper maintenance.

We're Here For Ya!

The Undrdog Way

Our #1 priority here at Undrdog is your happiness. Which means we stand behind our products and services 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no buts. In an unlikely case you're dissatisifed with the service we render to you, we will redo the service for free or give you a 100% refund. Just reach out.

Protect and Maintain

Reduce your maintenance by at least 50% and protect your vehicle for years to come.

We Believe That

You, The End Consumer

Should be in the driver's seat and have full transparency backed up with serious industry standards when it comes to professional installation of a protective coating onto your vehicle.


What Comes Next:

Find a Detailer

Proceed to our Detailers Map, add your information and find a detailer that suits you best.


In case you have a question that's not covered here, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Protective Coating

Yes, you do need it. It will reduce your maintenance by at least 50% and protect your vehicle from incidents that occur through day to day driving like bird droppings, bug accumulation, acid rain and other things of that nature. A coating adds a layer of protection between your car and the elements. 

Yes, it's similar: it beads water, it is glossy, offers protection from the elements. However, as we listen to the market and adapt to fix the most critical pain points, we made it way easier to install, which in turn makes it more affordable for both the installer and you. 

Usually the turnaround time is about 2.5 to 3 hours, but it could take as long as 4 hours, depending on how big your vehicle is and what your demands are. 

Yes it can. Undrdog Pro protects well all surfaces including leather, plastics, metal and glass. This is an additional service to discuss with your detailer. 

This is totally dependent on the wear and tear that your vehicle experiences and how well you take care of it. Most users see multiple years before needing to reapply, but again it is completely dependent on aftercare. 

The coating will last for multiple years, depending on how you take care of the vehicle. The best way to do that is to bucket wash it once a week. If you can’t bucket wash it, use a touchless drive-through car wash, and if neither of those two are an option for you, then a contact drive-through car wash is also ok, just expect a reduction in the coating’s longevity.

It can definitely be a set-it-and-forget it, however to get the maximum performance and longevity, the following is recommended:

• Regular car washes with our Soap.
• Regular usage of our Quick Detail, a product that can add some slickness and hydrophobicity for those looking to get the most out of their coating. 

You can bring it back to our center and get another layer applied.

Paint Decontamination

Paint decontamination is basically a deep cleaning process where we use a series of chemicals and clays to remove any embedded metals or contaminants that have worked their way into the paint through the manufacturing or the shipping process, or just from day to day driving.

You can, but it’ll last a lot longer if it is decontaminated. We also advise against coating over any existing contaminants, as it can interfere with the coating's bond to the paint.

The Deal

We only sell one coating for cars and that is Undrdog Pro, which is the best bang for your buck. Being easy to apply, it makes it affordable for the installer which, in turn, makes it affordable for you.

The $699 covers vehicles and mid-sized SUVs. Large trucks and SUVs are priced at $899

Typically yes, but that will be something you’d want to discuss with the detailer. The 699 Deal includes all paint and trimmings, but wheels and windshields are left to the detailer’s discretion. 

Extra Services

That is definitely something you can discuss with the detailer at the time of booking. All of our detailers are experts in paint correction and they will recommend the best package for you. Typically, you’ll either get one of these two packages:

• an enhancement polish, which will add a lot of gloss and remove a lot of swirl marks, but it will not remove every single scratch
full blown paint correction package, where the detailer will chase every deep scratch, to give you that showroom finish.

Yes we do! As a matter of fact, we recommend it to every client render the service to. We'll discuss it with you when you arrive at our center.

Find a Detailer

Your next step is to go ahead and find a detailer that you'd like to perform the service on your vehicle. You'll have to leave some information about yourself and your vehicle, and we'll connect you with the detailers in your vicinity.