Message from Undrdog 2

Aliens need Undrdog to coat their mothership before they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. 

We hid all our reserves, but somehow they’re onto us.

They’re taking people from their homes. They abducted detailers at first, but now it’s everyone. 

People who didn’t protect their rides and their houses with Undrdog are all gone, man! Perished. Missing. Empty houses, empty cars all around. 

Undrdog is the only thing that their lasers bounce off of. It’s the only thing that stands between them and us. If they get their hands on it and coat the mothership they’ll waltz into our skies, enslave us all and makes us work in alien mines! 

We need to distribute all these Undrdog bottles ASAP so we arranged a discount! 

Ten 30ml Undrdog Pro for $449
Ten 30ml Undrdog PRO+ for $649

Here, this link will take you to a secret sales channel. 

We need to protect our homes, family, and neighbors! 

Let everyone know that we’re distributing Undrdog, but do it secretly. They mustn’t crack our code!

We need to move fast. Everybody and their momma needs to Undrdog the block by the 4th of July so that we can celebrate our Independence in peace! 

The 4th of July is when the interplanetary portal opens. That’s when the aliens will bring out the big guns. 

When they come, the Sun’s reflection from our coated rides will blind them. The only thing I want them to see is that they have no business here. 

Let’s buff our rides, Undrdog the streets, and stop them dead in their tracks like our fathers did before! 

We’ll show the world why they call America the land of the free! 

Get your hands on as much Undrdog as you can. Coat everything!

Use this link to get Undrdog at a discount now! 

Ten 30ml Undrdog Pro for $449
Ten 30ml Undrdog PRO+ for $649

Protect your country and your ride!