Undrdog Coating FAQ

Who Is Undrdog Coating Good For?

Undrdog Coating is designed for entry-level detailers and car enthusiasts looking to protect their rides. Because of its weather-tolerant composition, this coating can be applied anywhere - even in direct sunlight - which is why we also recommend it for mobile detailers.

How Difficult Is It To Install Undrdog Coating?

Not at all! This is a beginner-friendly product. When it’s ready to be leveled, Undrdog Coating leaves a rainbow trail, making the installation process seamless even on lightly-colored vehicles. It leaves a deep shine and no high spots, which is why we refer to it as wax on steroids!

Is Undrdog Coating The Same As Ex. Undrdog Lite?

Yes! The coating’s formula stayed the same, only the name changed. Lite is now Undrdog Coating, a great option for everyone looking to step up their paint protection game from traditional waxes and sealants.

How Long Does It Take To Install Undrdog Coating?

Generally, under 60 minutes. However, for first-time coating installers, the process could take up to 90 minutes. Then the product needs a couple of hours to cure, and you’re done!

Can Undrdog Coating Be Applied On The Interior?

Yes, Undrdog Coating protects all surfaces including leather, plastics, metal, and glass. The only thing you should stay away from are fabrics.

What About Vinyl, Matte & Satin Finishes?

Yes, yes, and yes! Undrdog Coating absorbs into vinyl and protects it from stains and fading. As for matte and satin paint finishes, it enriches them without making them glossy!

What Happens If It Rains Immediately After Installation?

Things happen. If it rains on your vehicle within 24 hours of having it coated, dry the surface with soft microfibers as soon as it stops. This will prevent the occurrence of water spots and any potential damage to the coating. 95% of the time no damages occur, but in the event they do, you can apply another layer.

How Long Will My Car Be Protected?

The coating will last for multiple years, 3 to 5 to be more exact, depending on how you take care of the vehicle.

How Do I Maintain Undrdog Coating?

To get the maximum performance and longevity, the following is recommended:

  • Regular car washes with our Soap and a soft wash mitt.
  • Regular usage of our Quick Detail, a product that can add some slickness and hydrophobicity for those looking to get the most out of their coating.

How Can I Remove Undrdog Coating?

A quick polish will remove the coating. From there you can reapply the coating or carry on with raw, boring paint.

How Does Undrdog Coating Compare To Undrdog Pro?

Both Undrdog Pro and Undrdog Coating are based on Polytetrafluoroethylene - (C2F4)n, Silicon, and Paraffin to create the trifecta of awesomeness: durability, performance, and value. So the difference between them isn’t the chemical composition itself - it’s the ratio of ingredients.

The concentration of silicon (the “ceramic” in ceramic coatings) is higher in Undrdog Pro. Because of this, Undrdog Pro has the potential to last up to 8 years, while Undrdog Coating lasts up to 5 years.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Undrdog Coating?

If stored in a cool, dry location, an unopened bottle of Undrdog Coating can last up to 2 years. An open bottle with the lid tightly closed lasts up to a year.

Do I Really Need To Wear Gloves And Proper Safety Gear?

Yes, when working with any chemical including ours you should wear gloves and respiratory wear. No two bodies are alike and it is better to be safe than sorry.