Undrdog Matte QD

Looking for a Matte Surface Sealant? Let's Bust Some Myths!

On the hunt for a 'special' matte sealant? Spoiler alert: It's just marketing talk. Discover the truth with our Quick Detail – the one-and-done solution for every finish, matte or glossy!


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undrdog quick detail safe on all surfaces

Safe on All Surfaces

undrdog Quick detail adds a lot of gloss and beads well

Adds Gloss and Beading

undrdog quick detail is very easy to use

Easy to Use

Undrdog quick detail has an instant effect

Instant Effect

The Important Stuff

Ever been told you need a different sealant for matte surfaces? Well, it's time to let you in on a little industry secret: that's more myth than reality.

Enter our Quick Detail, the all-rounder that laughs in the face of these marketing gimmicks. It's a hydrophobic spray cleaner that works wonders on any surface, matte or glossy. Designed for regular use, whether monthly maintenance or in-between washes, it's perfect for your vehicle, motorcycle, home, or boat. With exceptional dirt-dissolving capabilities, it not only cleans but also provides a protective, hydrophobic layer.

The result? Superb gloss, enhanced protection, and a finish that repels water and dirt with ease. So, why fall for the 'matte-specific' marketing ploy when you can have a product that does it all? Click through to our Quick Detail product page and treat your surfaces – all of them – to the care they deserve. Because in our world, a sealant should always do more than just clean; it should protect, preserve, and debunk a few myths along the way.

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